Where the paint takes you, follow...

Painting is a process that seems to fulfill some deep need to create something that feels familiar – visually or emotionally or otherwise. It’s a process I find satisfying, challenging, frustrating, and fascinating as every painting is a new and different experience for me, and never one I can predict. What I love the most about paintings is their mysterious ability to express where words fail.

My paintings' beginnings and endings are always a mystery as they’re sort of an unpredictable intuitive exploration. They may start as one concept and may end as an entirely different creature. I'm always amazed at this process as it unfolds. For me, my paintings are an excavation, or a discovery of something…perhaps some visual memory, or some evidence of something familiar, some beautiful accident or a piece of found art, or a thread of something organic in nature. I’m inspired by things like decaying buildings, a peeling wall, aged patina, erosion, dirt, moss, found objects, metal, worn wood, ravaged stone, the sky, a storm, the perfect shade of this or that color. Some of my paintings unfold quickly, while others may take weeks and months of tweaking and digging and wondering and playing.

I'm drawn to abstract / non-objective works because of their ability to evoke feelings and emotions that aren't necessarily meant to be understood or directly tied to something specific or literal. Rather, an abstract painting's evocative capabilities are truly subjective to each person's lens. I find the unique, interpretive, and experiential nature of abstract paintings fascinating, mysterious, and gratifying.

I hope you enjoy some of my work, and if you have any feedback or questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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